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We started in the industry with natural wood and transparent stains, where every defect shows through. We understand that covering over with paint an unsound, improperly prepped surface will not produce a job that lasts. Every project presents its own unique challenges, step by step process, and choice of all materials are carefully thought out for every job. All phases of work are performed very carefully and professionally with every client’s best interest in mind.


All phases of work are performed very carefully and professionally with EVERY client’s best interest in mind.

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There’s a wide variety of paints/solid stains available on the market today. We strongly recommend leaning towards the higher end products that perform better and last longer.

The first step before pressure washing is always a thorough walk through of the property to ensure all windows and doors are closed tightly, furniture etc. is moved away from areas to be worked. In some cases, mostly around eves with open beamed ceilings caulking is required to prevent leakage during pressure wash. Painters tape is also helpful at the bottom of doors, etc. All siding, eves and trim are carefully low pressure washed to remove all dirt, fungus and mildew utilizing mildew removing products and de-glossers where needed.

After washing a proper amount of dry time is given generally two to three days is adequate. After dry time all unsound paint, caulking etc. is carefully removed. All bare wood and potential “Problem” areas are primed. Caulking or filling is done at this time, fillers are sanded smooth and re-primed. Windows, landscaping and hardware are covered with plastic covering, tarps etc. Two coats of finished paint is strongly recommended and is generally applied to walls and eves with an airless sprayer, “Back rolling” the first coat. Coats on trim are done by hand. Property is cleaned up as needed, furniture etc. is moved back.

Decks are coated last, in basically the same way as above, with a few added steps of preparation, such as: cleaning out by hand, where needed, debris between decking boards, setting nails, additional sanding, etc. Very important to use a coating such as a solid stain (looks like paint) that won’t peel like traditional paint,  and is meant to be walked on.

After careful review of property, final walk through is done with the owner and client to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Recommendations are given on how to best maintain your unique project, in the most cost effective way, for years to come.

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